Cress Creek Rim – Fall Hike

By Marc Bowen

Off The Beaten Path

Not far from Ririe Idaho and next to the south fork of the Snake River is a well known and very family-friendly trail called Cress Creek Trail. This trail is definitely ‘the beaten path’. I’ve written about this popular hike several times so won’t talk about it much here. If you would like to know more about Cress Creek please read my post from 2017 Cress Creek Nature Trail and from 2018 Late Winter Hike – Cress Creek Trail .

There are other ‘unofficial trails’ or paths that will take you to the top of the hill and along the rim overlooking the Cress Creek area. Early this morning I drove over to the Cress Creek Nature Trail parking lot to see what kind of photos I could get from that rim. 



Photo by: Marc Bowen

Up the trail a ways where the trail forks left I stopped at this little pond to capture the reflection of the trees glowing from the light of the early morning sun.

I then headed up the left fork of Cress Creek Trail which climbs about a 100 feet before looping back around and down along the river. At the top of this loop I left the official trail and followed a game trail worn by both animals and humans.

Photo by: Marc Bowen

This trail is a scramble at times and takes a little more effort then any part of the official trail but covers less than a quarter mile to the hilltop rim.

Photo by: Marc Bowen

Once on the rim I could easily walk out on all the finger ridges and look down into the valley and enjoy the sweeping views.

Photo by: Marc Bowen

The view was beautiful on this cool fall morning and the sunshine felt good.

Photo by: Marc Bowen

(Above photos) From here I could look south over the Cress Creek area to the south fork of the Snake River and farm land near the town of Ririe.

Photo by: Marc Bowen

I was also able to look west and follow the south fork of the Snake River winding down the valley to where it eventually joins the Henry’s Fork north of Rigby with the Menan Buttes in the distance.

It was nice to get away from work for a few hours and enjoy some beautiful fall weather. Winter comes early in this part of the country and is just around the corner. Those who follow my blog know how much I like to hike. And…I’m going to hike while I can!

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